Canadian National Championships

o  1st U23 C1W (Jonquiere, QC) 2016

o  2nd Sr C1W (Jonquiere, QC) 2016

o  2nd Sr K1W (Jonquiere, QC) 2016

o  2nd U23 K1W (Jonquiere, QC) 2016

o   1st Jr C1W (Chilliwack, BC) 2015

o   3rd Jr K1W (Chilliwack, BC) 2015

o   3rd Sr C1W (Chilliwack, BC) 2015

o   1st Jr C1W (Barrie’s Bay, ON) 2014

o   4th Jr K1W (Barrie’s Bay, ON) 2014

Junior/U23 World Championships

o  20th U23 C1W (Krakow, Poland) 2016

o  24th Jr C1W (Foz D’Iguassu, Brazil) 2015

Canadian National Team Trials

o   3rd Sr C1W (Minden, ON) 2015

o   1st U23 C1W (Kananaskis, AB) 2016

o   2nd U23 K1W (Kananaskis, AB) 2016

ICF World Cups

o   23rd  C1W #4 (La Seu D’urgell, Spain) 2015

o   31st  C1W #5 (Pau, France) 2015

o   23rd  C1W #4 (Prague, Czech Republic) 2015

o   30th  C1W #5 (Tacen, Slovenia) 2015


o   1st Junior K1W Andrew Westlake Memorial race (Minden, ON) 2014


    It all started when I was about seven months old and my parents stuck me and my brother in the middle of a sixteen foot tripping canoe. As a family we would set out every summer for at least a two week canoe trip. These trips started out on flatwater, but by the time I was about ten years old, we started into river trips. The rapids were always my favourite part, so in 2009 when I participated in one of the Ottawa River Runners white water kayaking camps, I was thrilled to be going down rapids in my own boat. I continued tripping and kayaking for a few years, and then all of the sudden I was fully immersed in the slalom racing world.

    In 2014 I became junior national champion for canoe singles women.

    I made the junior national team and in April 2015 raced at the junior world championships in Foz d'Iguacu, Brazil. The adventure hasn’t stopped since then. In May 2015 I came third at the senior team trials in Minden, Ontario. I won nationals again in August 2015 becoming junior national champion for the second consecutive year. I also placed third in the senior C1W category and qualified for the senior national team. I went to Spain and France very shortly after nationals to compete at the last two world cups of the season. Aiming to race well in Krakow, Poland at the Under 23 World Championships next July, I hope to have an equally or more successful season in 2016 racing for Team Canada. 

    Why the .ONE domain?  
    I am proud to have the same name as my grandmother, award-winning silversmith. As it turns out, my parents didn't think about the high demand for when they chose to name me after her. While I paddle both K1 and C1 my main focus is C1 and my canoe model happens to be The ONE, so when I was designing my website, I decided it was a fitting domain.